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Community Over Competition Networking

We hope that you will consider Joining our  Community where you will experience the reality of "Village"  and know your "Tribe".  We hold  Monthly Meetings, Sponsor Weekly Motivational Calls and Continuous Relevant Workshops. As a Member you will have access to Information, Tools, Training, and Business Resources. 

The FPI Network boast Platforms that empower you and resonate with your intimate Goals and Purpose.

Of all the lessons I learned early in my career, the one that I value the most is the ability to network strategically. Honestly, I attribute much of my success as a businessperson and leader to Networking. Statistically Women who Network with other Women are 85% likelier to achieve Success and handle the pressures of Entrepreneurship.   

We don't take for granted our Community!  Given the integral career role networking has played in my life and as evident of it's success in the Corporate World, it pains me to see how underutilized it is among Women of Color. Although as Women we are typically seen as Social, we actually network less than men.  When we Network; we support our Local Leaders. The UnSung; the ones  who have Callouses yet a ready shoulder. The ones who don't require Pedestals and still are always ready to burden the weight of  empathy and live to Inspire! 

Our Network is a Progressive Sisterhood!  Women who have walked with each other from that late Night "Aha Moment" to the "I'm Flying out to Speak" moment. The FPI Network of Women are all Women who have accepted the Divine Call to Purpose and Sisterhood 

It took me a while, but over 15 Years ago I decided to trust The Plan of my Life and Walk in my Calling to inspiring you to Live a Life Worthy of your Highest Potential and God’s Will for your life.

About Us!


Initiative: Community Efficacy through Small Business Startup Support

It is the #100WOMENSTRONGMOVEMENT nurtures and mentor women recovering from Depression, Homelessness and Domestic Violence and Manipulation into Entrepreneurship. It is our goal to help 100 women a year become financially independent through Entrepreneurship and Continuing Education.


Our Annual Conference is a genuine exposure into the lives and legacies of women who have shaped and continue to shape the Reality that we call Success. The Conference allows real-time Training and Guidance from women across the spectrum of race, class, and age to demonstrate and exercise Information and experience. 

FPI Network CollabHub

Of all the lessons I've learned early in my career, the one that I value the most is the ability to Network strategically. Join our Monthly Motivational Chats to discuss Collaborations and Partnerships to benefit Community and to Build Personal Wealth. Making "Buy the Block" a Reality and not just a hope. 

Small Business Network

 One of the ways Women around the World are Translating Experience into Profit is to Vend! Handmade, Resale or Service - Black Women are taking the Lead in Entrepreneurship! We are Committed to raise awareness on How we spend Money, Where we spend our Money, and How that Money spent Creates our Communities and Builds Generational Wealth. Blacks in America have about a $1.3 trillion gross national income. Only 2% of that money, about $26 billion, is re-circulated into Black Communitiesmk. Every year we produce a Pop-Up Shop Featuring Local Craftsman, Artist, Artisans and Local Brand Small Business; We depend on you to make them Stars!

Some of our Platforms

We've had the Privilege of Providing the Services of Teaching, Hosting, Presenting, Preaching, Reaching  and Networking with some of NYC's Finest Institutions to support the Emotional and Spiritual Health of their Communities. 

Saratoga Branch Library

Hour Children

Frances Residence

NYC Public Schools

NYC Charter Schools

YWCA Domestic Violence Event

Faith Based Engagements 

Sheltering Arms

Dr. Oz Panelist

Meet Your Community Professionals

Asha Farley

 Tastemaker Influencer 

Asha Farley is the Founder of Fashunfamous- NYC based Style Consultancy. With over 7 years of Promotional Display Experience and Fashion Week, Asha is happy to introduce Fashion Merchandising as a Career to Youth. Catch her on IG: for Culture & lifestyle Influence. 

Monie Marshall; CPT, DOT FIT CERT.

CEO Monie Fit LLC

Author, and keynote speaker 

Monie Marshall is the Founder of Monie Fit; a comprehensive Lifestyle of Wellness and Fitness.

MMfitness launched FDA Approved Vitamin and Nutrition Support System.


Deborah  Young

Brand Creator

My Lip stains were created as a giveback towards Breast and Ovarian cancer. “Lips with a Cause” is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer.

Natasha White  B.S. INHC

Nutritionist & Wellness Coach


From your Fridge to the Market, Natasha White educates the community on eating to live longer and grow stronger. Arrange for her to teach your Classroom or Boardroom; the Value of Health.

IG: lifestyle_motives15

[email protected]