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Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship

Farley Productions, Inc.


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Meet Founder and Director 

Lady Farley


 My name is Lady Farley-Draven and hopefully, you've come here to (re)Discover the Joy and Efficiency of Community.  Nice to meet you and Welcome! I hope that these strangest of times; find you and your loved ones Blessed.  We are living through some of the most History-Making Events of this Era. And for the most part; it's so disturbing. We are becoming a Divided World. Divided over any and everything.

We must face reality, we cannot live Divided any longer.  Now is the time for Community.  Community breeds Unity. 

I and members of my Network are available for Community conversations that exemplify Full Transparency and Responsibility for Inclusion and Visibility. Once we begin engaging in much-needed conversations; we can organically weave our Communities into Healthy Homes and Cities.

As a Social Entrepreneur I'm obligated to the reinforcement of First Gratitude, then and foremost Self, Family, and Community.  

If you are looking to be the change in this world that you'd like to see, then your next step is to join our FPINETWORK of extraordinary women of color-changing the way the world interfaces with our Communities by giving voice to power.  We have just one mission and it is to empower every woman and person of color, to realize that they are beautiful and divine. Created with a passion and purpose and I want to see each one lives up to their full potential. Along with the amazing Women in my Network, we solemnly believe that as a collective; The Human Nation can heal through love and understanding.


Be Blessed - Always,

Lady Farley-Draven


Request one of our keynote speakers to motivate and empower your community. Experience and compassion are the gift and specialty of our best Keynote Speakers. 

What Our Circles are Saying

"It was at one of the FPI Networking event that I met my Business Partner. I honestly could have Partnered with any of the Ladies there.  It was a room FULL of Educated and Like-minded Women."

~Anne Lynn  


".An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

The Honorable Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

community building for personal efficacy. 

join us today!